About me

Welcome to Helping2Heal, I would like to thank you for your interest in my products.  It is very likely that you have already met me at an event if you have found this online shop, if you haven't let me share some details about me with you.

My name is Jacqui Warne and I established Helping2Heal in January 2015 following a very emotional year in 2014.  My vision when I began the business was to supply Angelic products and healing crystals at holistic events to help people benefit from these beautiful items. While attending these events I have established a network of beautiful people who have healed me and given me the guidance I need to develop my range.  

Most of the products you view on this site are made by me, this has become an obsession which consumes all of my free time. My prices are very reasonable because this is a hobby, I make my living as a freelance IT contractor and I am also a Mortgage Adviser.


I tend to craft with a core range of gemstones as you will see these in my listings: Amethyst - Angelite - Blue Goldstone - Opalite - Rose Quartz - Turquoise, all of these crystals provide the energies I need.  Other items will appear on the product pages as I like to add interest to my range.

If you have any specific requirements, get in touch as I am always happy to take on personal commissions.